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Spin-off company from the Polytechnic University of Madrid


Ecohidráulica S.L. is born with the ultimate goal of serving as a tool to transfer the knowledge generated by science, , so that it can be implemented in management.

Robust solutions and methods provided by Ecohidráulica S.L. así as well as our innovation capacities, are built on an intense research activity. Our working team is composed of specialists in aquatic ecology with wide joint experience in basic and applied research.

Our results of research are published in papers and scientific publications, and presented in national and international conferences and courses.

On a scientific level, the Ecohidraulica S.L. team works in the following lines of research:

  • Relations between hydrology and fluvial biological communities (fish, macroinvertebrates, macrophytes, aquatic and riparian vegetation): methods for determination and validation of environmental flow regimes
  • Development of Biotic Index for the evaluation of the ecological status and potentials in surface water bodies.
  • Fish population dynamics in rivers and reservoirs
  • Fluvial habitat for fish: IFIM, MesoHABSIM, and EstimHab Methods
  • Reproductive strategies and life cycle of brown trout (Salmo trutta L.) in its southern geographical natural distribution
  • Relations between morphology and fluvial dynamics with hydrological processes: implications for streams and river floodplains restoration
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